Footprint Trust

Promoting the benefits of sustainable living.

Adopt-a-Bottle worksheet and other work

Pinkeye Graphics has worked with the Footprint Trust for several years, designing its publications, logos and adverts. Recently we were asked to create a worksheet which would be used to promote Bestival and Footprint Trust's Adopt-a-Bottle project. The worksheet is also used a an educational tool and an accompanying presentation was given to all Isle of Wight schools (extract below).

Pinkeye Graphics
Saving Water leaflet Ecoschools Cemetery Wardens leaflet caulkheads guide leaflet Energetic bus graphics Cash Flow event flyer

Designing a range of products from logos to bus graphics, we have helped raise awareness of the Footprint Trust's projects, bringing warmth and sustainability to Isle of Wight residents, particularly poorer families.

Ray at the Footprint Trust has many projects running simultaneously and occasionally needs a job turning round in super-quick time. We are small enough to give a very flexible response when it's needed, and the Footprint Trust relies on our ability to get the job done on time. The Cashflow event was one such job and from initially enquiry to delivery was less than a fortnight. The flyers were printed by a local printer and the event was very well attended.

Pinkeye Graphics and Footprint Trust have worked together on many of the charity's projects, including:

  • Imprint newsletter
  • Adopt-a-Garden
  • Warmahome
  • Renewable Energy interpretation
  • Energy Day
  • Footprint Trust promotional postcard
  • Cemetery Wardens
  • Energetic Project
  • Future Energy flyers
  • Eco-schools poster
  • Caulkheads Guide leaflet
  • Drought leaflet
  • Cashflow event flyer
  • Adopt-a-Bottle